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After you have created an HTML Help (CHM) file, you will probably want to integrate it with your application and provide context-sensitive Help. Below are code examples that demonstrate how to connect a CHM help file with a programming language or IDE.

Working with a CHM File from a .NET Application

In the .NET environment we use built-in support for the HTML Help (CHM) format.

Call a help topic by Context Id:

Help.ShowHelp(this, "c:\my_help_file.chm", HelpNavigator.TopicId, "20");
Show the Table of Contents:
Help.ShowHelp(this, "c:\my_help_file.chm", HelpNavigator.TableOfContents, "");

Show the Keyword Index:

Help.ShowHelp(this, "c:\my_help_file.chm", HelpNavigator.Index, "");