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FAR HTML Features

HTMLHelp coding

FAR HTML is a development tool with many different authoring, file and HTML utilities and since 01.01.2020 in the download section now available as freeware. Version 5.x now fully supports Unicode.

Download the FAR HTML as freeware version with full functionality today!

If you need to quickly manipulate HTML, XML, ASCII text files, or author help projects (HTML Help 1.x, MS Help 2.x, MS Help Viewer 1.x, Help Viewer 2.x and Uncompressed Web Help) then FAR will save you lots of time and money. You can safely use FAR HTML and MS Workshop/SDK side by side. FAR also works in batch (unattended) mode. Download the full version of FAR HTML today.

  • FAR HTML can create WebHelp using simple HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

  • FAR HTML software contains partial translation into Japanese, German and Simplified Chinese.


We first started working on FAR in the late 1990's, when HTML Help was first shipped with IE4 and Win98. Since then it has expanded and become an indispensable tool to many users. Companies like IBM, Intel, Microsoft, ESRI, Sony, Component One, Borland, HP, Agilent, Boeing, Exceed (the list goes on) all use the tool. We get a lot of fan mail encouraging us to maintain the tool.

FAR is clever in that it fills many of the gaps left by other main stream tools. Yet FAR is capable of holding its own when it comes to creating and maintaining industry standard documentation and help. Many of our clients, sick of the cost and problems associated with some large help authoring tools (HATs) , have dumped them for FAR and are now very happy (and not so poor).

Some of these other tools are expensive today but do less and are less reliable.

We hope you are more productive in your day because of FAR Tools.

FAR is several tools in one. Yet is still lightweight and fast. FAR is a native win 32 application.

  • File Module - Advanced file utilities

  • HTML Help - HTML Help 1.x (.chm) help support.

  • MS Help 2 - VS 2002/2003/2005/2008 (.hxS) help support.

  • MS Help Viewer - VS 2010/2012 (.mshc) help support. Includes mshcMigrate.exe.

  • Uncompressed Help - Create Web based Help.

File Module

High performance file utilities works fast over millions of files. Includes Batch (unattended) mode.

  • Find & Replace - Perform both simple and advanced Find and Replace over all the file list.

  • File Reporting - Reporting of files in the file list. Create .bat batch files.

  • Copy & Backup - Copy/backup files in the file list. Both hierarchical and flat copy of the file list.

  • FTP Copy - Uploaded file list files to an an FTP server.

  • Set File Date/Time - Manipulate file date/time stamps for all selected file list files.

  • Set File Encoding - Set the file encoding of all selected file list files. ANSI (any language charset)/Unicode UTF-8/Unicode UTF-16.

  • Set File Attributes - Set the file attributes for all selected file list files. ReadOnly/SystemHidden/Archive.

  • Rename Files - Advanced renaming of all file list files. e.g. Add incrementing numbers to all file names.

  • Line Breaks - Set document line breaks to Windows / Unix / iOS style. Add line-breaks to structured HTML/XML files. Count lines.

  • Convert to XHTML - Converts standard HTML to XHTML.

  • Delete Files - Delete permanently from disk. Usually the DEL key only removes files from the file list.

  • Strip Spaces from bookmarks - A fix for HTML files in help systems.

  • Search File names - Searches through millions of file names as you type.

  • Find Files Data - Find files by Date Modify or Date Create stamp.

  • Find Duplicates - Find duplicate files by examining File Contents.

  • .Zip/.Cab File Support - Compress file list files to Zip or Cab file. View and decompile Zip and Cab files.

HTML Help Module

Create industry standard HTML Help (.chm help files). HTML Help is the recommend format for all Windows application help.

  • Help Express - Select a folder and create a help project and .chm help file. Help creation does not get simpler.

  • Help Wizard - Step-by-step help project and .chm help file creation.

  • HH Project Editor - Advanced program for creating and modifying HTML Help projects.

  • TOC & Index Editor - Advanced Table of Contents and Index file editing.

  • HH Utilities

    • Extract files - Decompile the contents of a CHM.

    • Run API tests - Display topics using API calls.

    • Recompress - Beta feature adjusts compression level. Never released by Microsoft.

    • HH ActiveX code - Access the HH ActiveX code generator.

    • CHM Compare - Compare two help files.

    • Link Checker - Report all broken links in a .chm help files including web links.

  • Help File Explorer - View the contents of a help file in an explorer style window.

  • Tag Editor - Edit HTML tags quickly across multiple files.

  • Batch Compiler - Compile several help projects. Produces a single compilation log file.

  • Batch Decompiler - Decompile many help files as a simple batch job.