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Microsoft Help Technologie - Glossar


  • AML = Microsoft Assistance Markup Language (also known as: MAML or AML). XML based help language used to mark up help topics (AP Help).
  • ACW = Active Content Wizard (AP Help).
  • AP = Assistance Platform help (used Vista Help).
  • API = Application Program Interface.


  • BDD = Business Desktop Deployment. A Windows desktop SDK that includes the OS help SDK.


  • .CHM = Compiled Help Module. MS HTML Help, help file.
  • .CHI = Compiled Help Index. Used by MSDN HTML Help based (.chm) help. Help Index information ships precompiled in .chi file.
  • .CHW = When you open a merged compiled help file (.chm) for the first time, it creates in the same directory (if writable) as the .chm file an index file with a .chw suffix. The .chw = file contains merged kwords.
  • .CNT = WinHelp Table of Contents (TOC) file.


  • D2H = Doc to Help - 3rd party help authoring product
  • DExplore = Document Explorer - MS help viewer for MS Help 2.x
  • DHTML = Dynamic HTML. A collection of technologies used together to create interactive and animated web sites.
  • .DLL = Dynamic Link Library. Windows executable file.


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  • .FTG = Group of WinHelp Full Text Search files
  • .FTS = Full Text Search (WinHelp), With HTML Help 1.x FTS information is stored inside the CHM
  • FH = ForeHelp - 3rd party help authoring product


  • .GID = WinHelp global index file created when multiple help files are merged


  • .HHC = MS HTML Help Table of Contents (TOC) source file
  • .HHK = MS HTML Help Keyword (Index) source file
  • .HHP = MS HTML Help Project source file
  • .HLP = WinHelp compiled Help file
  • .HPJ = WinHelp Project file
  • .HTM = Hypertext Markup Language .3 extension
  • .HTML= Hypertext Markup Language .4 extension
  • H2 = MS Help 2.x
  • HAT = Help Authoring Tool
  • HATT = Help Authoring Tools and Techniques
  • HCP = Help Compiler hcp.exe (WinHelp)
  • HCRTF.exe = Command line compiler (WinHelp)
  • HCW = Help Compiler Workshop (WinHelp)
  • HCW.exe = Help Compile Workshop (WinHelp), Help Workshop - Free basic authoring tool from MS
  • HH = HTML Help
  • HH.dat = This is a database file that saves such session information as the window position and favorites for the HTML Help viewer. If the file has been corrupted then .chm files may behave erratically. If deleted, Windows will automatically re-create the file when you next open any .chm file.
  • HH.exe = A small program that calls the HTML Help API to launch help. All .chm help files are normally associated with HH.exe.
  • HHA = HTML Help Compiler API (Microsoft) hha.dll
  • HHC.exe = HTML Help Command Line Compiler executable
  • HHW.exe = HTML Help Workshop - Free basic authoring tool from MS
  • .HID = Help Identifier (WinHelp MAP)
  • HSC = Help and Support Center (Windows XP)
  • .HxA = MS Help 2 source file - Attribute Definition File
  • .HxC = MS Help 2 source file - Collection Definition File
  • hxcomp.exe = MS Help 2 - Command line compiler
  • .HxE = MS Help 2 source file - Sample Definition File
  • .HxF = MS Help 2 source file - Include File
  • .HxI = MS Help 2 - Compiled index file ships with .HxS help file
  • .HxK = MS Help 2 source file - Index Definition File (KLinks, ALinks, NamedURLIndex,
  • .HxS = MS Help 2 - Compiled help file
  • .HxT = MS Help 2 source file - TOC Definition File
  • .HxV = MS Help 2 source file - Virtual Topic Definition File(s)


  • IDE = Integrated Development Environment
  • ISV = Independent Software Vendor
  • ITS = InfoTech Store (InfoTech is a Microsoft group that builds search and storage technology).
  • ITSS = InfoTech Storage System
  • itss.dll = Microsoft® InfoTech Storage System Library - itss.dll is part of HTML Help runtime


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  • MAML = Microsoft Assistance Markup Language. See AML.
  • MFC = Microsoft Foundation Classes. Part of C++ programming runtime.
  • MS = Microsoft
  • MSFT = Microsoft Corporation name
  • MUI = Multilingual User Interface
  • MVP = Most Valuable Professional


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  • PDF = Portable Document Format
  • PID = Program Identifier (WinHelp ALIAS)


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  • RH = RoboHelp - 3rd part authoring tool by Adobe
  • RTF = Rich Text Format (.rtf file)


  • .SHG = Bitmap image containing "hotspots" used by Microsoft WinHelp; certain areas of the image can be clicked to jump to other help topics. Used by WinHelp and compiled by Windows Help File Compiler (hc.exe). Not meant to be opened separately.


  • TOC = Table of Contents - A table of contents outlines the hierarchical organization of topics to provide users with a view of how the content of a help system is structured and to assist them in locating information relevant to a query.


  • UA = User Assistance - The "User Assistance" model (e.g. Windows Vista AP Help)is an evolutionary step forward in application online Help.
  • UI = User Interface - User experience and interface design in the context of creating software represents an approach that puts the user, rather than the system, at the center of the process.
  • UX = User Experience - Experiences will focus on the "doing," or the entire flow of events that a user will need to perform in order to succeed at a task.


  • VS = Visual Studio
  • VSCC = Visual Studio .NET Combined Help Collection
  • VSHIK = Visual Studio Help Integration Kit (Microsoft)
  • VSIP = Visual Studio Industry Partner Program


  • Web-based help = A generic term for any Help system that is written using uncompiled HTML files (as opposed to a single compiled .hlp or .chm file) intended for viewing over an intranet or the Internet. Some tool vendors have created their own proprietary versions of Web-based help, such as WebHelp or WebWorks Help.
  • WebHelp = RoboHelp's Web-based Help format. This is a proprietary format that can only be created by the RoboHelp software.
  • WebWorks = Help WebWorks Publisher's Web-based Help format. This is a proprietary format that can only be created by the WebWorks Publisher software.
  • winhelp.exe = On Windows 95, 98, and ME, this is a stub which launches winhlp32.exe = On Windows NT and later, this is the Windows 3.1 Help program.
  • winhlp32.exe = The Windows 4.0 Help program used to display .HLP files.
  • WWP = WebWorks Publisher


  • XAML = Extensible Application Markup Language (source markup used by Silverlight, Expression Blend etc)
  • XML = Extensible Markup Language
  • XHTML = Extensible HyperText Markup Language


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