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FAR HTML Download

HTMLHelp coding

Here you can download FAR HTML as freeware in a fully functional version. FAR HTML works for 30 days so you can try all possibilities. After that, you will get reminder windows prompting you to register. Please try FAR HTML and if you like it you can register the program with the free license code . Further release notes can be found on the Helpware Group website as release notes.

We also offer other programs for processing and diagnostics here for download.

Microsoft HTML Help Workshop


The Microsoft HTML Help Workshop (Compiler) is available free of charge. You also need it as a basic installation for FAR HTML in order to convert HTML pages into a compiled help format (.chm). The package includes a help file with detailed documentation of the entire HTML help system.

Download the installer for MS HTML Help Workshop ("htmlhelp.exe") by clicking the Download button.

A notice: After installing HTML Help Workshop, you will receive a message "This computer already has a newer version of HTML Help.". Please ignore this message! This message relates to the runtime components for viewing HTML Help on Windows, and on current computers the existing runtime components are always newer than those in the HTML Help Workshop package.

If required, you can find detailed installation instructions here.



Release Download FAR HTML 5.x
2019-07-23 FAR HTML 5.11 (build 819)
2018-06-07 FAR HTML 5.10 (build 818)
2017-07-25 FAR HTML 5.9 (build 817)
2017-03-09 FAR HTML 5.8 (build 816)
2016-02-11 FAR HTML 5.7 (build 811)
Release Download FAR HTML 4.x
2008-04-27 FAR HTML 4.3 (build 681)
2007-01-01 FAR HTML 4.2 (build 680)
2006-04-12 FAR HTML 4.1 (build 649)
Release Download FAR HTML 3.x
2003-11-25 FAR HTML
2002-06-10 FAR HTML
2001-10-04 FAR HTML
Release Download FAR HTML 2.x
2001-09-02 FAR HTML
2000-10-21 FAR HTML
2000-07-07 FAR HTML

Help Tools

Release Help Tools
2009-11-20 H2Reg 2.0.1
2017-12-11 mshcMigrate 2.0.75
2013-08-30 h3Viewer
2013-05-30 h2Viewer (Beta)

MJ's Help Diagnostics

MJ's Diagnostics is a small utility that reports if all the HTML Help runtime & Workshop (compiler) DLLs are installed and registered to the correct locations. If you have compiler crashes, and crashes when simply opening a CHM, or when searching from the CHM search tab, then this utility will help sort out rouge DLL problems.

Release MJ's Help Diagnostics
2014-10-01 Download (x64 + x32) Version
2007-09-08 Download (x32) Version

The problem: Some vendors instead of installing HTML Help Workshop (help compiler), install compiler DLLs (a subset from an old Workshop) and register parts to non-standard locations. Suddenly HATs and .CHMs are crashing. The fix is to reinstall HH Workshop. Run Workshop once. Run the report again. Email me if you need help.

Freeware License Codes


The FAR HTML code has been stable under Window 10 for many years. We hope you will continue to find FAR HTML useful. However, browsers will continue to change and require adjustments.

I remind you that FAR HTML WebHelp ships with all HTML file templates and Javascript files (source files), so you can make your own repairs if necessary.

We leave you here now a set of free license codes. Good luck with FAR HTML.

FAR Version 5.X Registration Codes:

Registration strings
1. User Name: Helpware
2. User Email: Freeware
3. Registration Key: FAR5-L759P1-JHWXA-MP19P-3LPYA-QUGT2

FAR Version 4.X Registration Codes:

Registration strings
1. User Name: Helpware
2. User Email: Freeware
3. Registration Key: FAR4-7759CU-YDL7H-XHPM7-CJY0K-PLX72

FAR Version 3.X Registration Codes:

Registration strings
1. User Name: Helpware
2. User Email: Freeware
3. Registration Key: FAR22-FREEW-02195-14510

FAR Version 2.x Registration Codes:

Registration strings
1. User Name: Helpware
2. User Email: Freeware
3. Registration Key: FAR20-FREEW-02195-14490


Der Erwerb einer mshcMigrate-Lizenz ist nicht mehr erforderlich. Die folgende Lizenz ist kostenlos zu verwenden.

MSHC Version 1.X Registration Codes:

  1. User Name: Helpware, Freeware
  2. Registration Key: MSHC-N759R2-3KHGN-HL8WM-E8C8W-D8GT2 ist der Vertriebspartner für Helpware Software in Deutschland und Europa z.B. auch in Österreich und der Schweiz. Wir sind lizenziert, die Helpware Software FAR HTML zu vertreiben und im Gegenzug bieten wir vollständige lokale Unterstützung in Ihrer Sprache (Deutsch & Englisch)

Unser Team hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit der Helpware-Software und den Helpware-Entwicklern. Bleiben Sie nicht weiter ohne lokale Unterstützung in Ihrer Sprache.

Ab der Version 5.2 hat FAR HTML viele Dialoge in deutscher Sprache, die wir bereitgestellt haben.