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FAR HTML 5 - (shareware) FAR is a collection of File, HTML & Help related utilities. An essential tool for HTML, HTML Help 1.x, MS Help 2.x and MS Help Viewer 1.x authors and developers. Now with Unicode and MS Help Viewer 1.0 support.

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mshcMigrate - (sharware) Migrate older help projects to MS Help Viewer 1.0 (Help 3). Plus many essential utilities for help authors and integrators.

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H2Reg - (shareware) Register MS Help 2.x files for Visual Studio 7/8/9. When you get sick of banging your head against Microsoft's MSI Registration, we have a dead easy solution that does not involve MSI (Microsoft Installer).

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H3Viewer - (freeware) DExplorer style viewer for MS Help Viewer 1.0 (aka Help 3).

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Welcome to the home of The Helpware Group. Here you will find support for MS Help technologies as well as Delphi and C#. We are based in Melbourne Australia. Enjoy the site. All comments welcome.
- Rob Chandler [MS Help MVP] - Support Page | Blog | Wiki

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UI/UA (User Interface, User Assistance) Articles:

This Helpware paper looks at what is happening with User Interface and User Assistance design while travelling the road to Longhorn (now Windows Vista). Contains essential information for all designers.

Microsoft links on UI/UA

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+/- MS Help Viewer 1.0 (MS Help 3)

MS Help Viewer 1.0 (MS Help 3) is the new Help system for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Due for release late 2009, early 2010.

+/- WinHelp

WinHelp has been deprecated and no longer ships with Windows Vista and later.

+/- MS HTML Help 1.x Support (.CHM)

As far as Microsoft help goes HTML Help is now the only choice for general application help.

  • HH Tech Info - Release dates etc.
  • HH FAQ - Lots of deep info on HTML Help. - Everything you ever wanted to know about HTML Help.
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Help Think Press Technical Papers:
+/- MS Help 2.x Support (VS Help)

MS Help 2.x is the help system for Visual Studio 2002/2003/2005 & 2008.

Technical Papers:
Latest Articles:
  • FAR HTML - HH/H2/H3 Help Authoring - Our popular help authoring tool. Migrate to MS Help Viewer 1.0 (VS 2010).
  • H2Reg - Register your help collections without MSI. Register your help for VS 7.x/8/9 in one sweep.
  • H2Viewer - Our free H2 collection viewer with some very nifty features.
+/- MS AP Help (Windows Vista & Win 7 Help)

Help system for Windows Vista. This help system is very similar to MS Help 2.

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